Physik auf Deutsch


Earlier this semester I attended a physics lecture presented in German, which was very interesting.  Even though I understood only approximately 15% of what the presenter actually said, with the help of the power point slides and the fact that I have taken many physics classes previously, I was able to follow along with the presentation fairly easily.  I really liked how he used a lot of props, such as the spinning plates and the bicycle wheel, to demonstrate his points.  I also found it very interesting how several of the physics words in German are “false friends” with physics words in English; for example, momentum in German in “Impuls”, torque is “Drehmoment” and impulse is “Kraftsoß”.  Overall, it was a great presentation.


German Poetry Night


Poetry Night every year is a lot of fun, because so many people present so many different pieces from so many different genres.  I loved the amazing musical piece that one man sang for us, as well as Morgen’s rendition of one of Rammstein’s songs.  The acting in Rotkäppchen was very funny, and I enjoyed being the voice of the mother.  I also enjoyed reading one of my favorite poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, and getting to hear the poems that everyone else presented, especially the poem read in Middle/Old English.  As a linguistics major, it was very interesting to hear how English’s earlier sound was clearly identifiable as a Germanic language, yet still sounds almost nothing like English today.  Lastly, it was a lot of fun to sing 99 Lutftballons at the end while one student played guitar, and to sing the song with German scientists’ names in it.  I’m already looking forward to attending next year’s poetry night!


Opportunities Forum


The last German culture event that I attended this semester was the German Opportunities Forum, which was a great place to learn about all the possibilities for my future if I continue to stick with a minor in German.  I am very much interested in going to Leipzig this summer, so it was great to learn more information about that and the other study abroad programs that are offered.  Additionally, I will be applying for a Fulbright and so it was very useful that I got to get some information about the different opportunities there are in the Fulbright program for people who know German.   Overall, it was a very helpful and instructive event.